Products & Services

Test stations

We develop fully customizable and automatic FC test stations 

  • power range up to 130kW
  • optional EIS
  • professional and affordable solution for your H2 lab

Testing as a Service

  • MEA/single cell/stack testing services
  • up to 100kW


We present the first Czech-made hydrogen-powered forklift.

  • Leancat H2PowerTrain inside - our 2kW hydrogen generator adapted for industrial forklifts
  • in cooperation with Czech material handling equipment producer -  BELET a.s.


Universal scalable hydrogen generator 3-30kW

  • emission-free backup power
  • automatic battery charging management
  • optional heat exchanger for cogeneration with increased overall system efficiency 

Air-pressed Single Cell

Cost-effective Research PEM Single Test Cell

  • Active area 4,8 or 10 cm2
  • Easy and fast assembling
  • Operating temperature up to 120°C


We also offer:

  • Automatic or manual mixing systems for technical gases (H2, 02, N, CO2 ets.), incl. SW for remote control
  • Air pumps and coolers for hydrogen technologies
  • Consultancy

Details available on request.