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Test Stations

Control Software

At the core of Leancat control systems, there is an industrial PC from Beckhoff running TwinCAT 3 runtime. On request, we can provide open access to the TwinCAT code enabling users to modify the PLC program. Measured data are safely stored in an SQL database. Logging of data is optimized both to save storage space and to reduce response time when working with large data sets of time series.

Depending on their preference, users can interact with Leancat test stations in one or more of the following ways:

  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
    • A simplified P&I diagram is used to show process values and controls in an interactive visualization
    • Users can create their own customizable dashboard with widgets such as plots, data tables or gauges for measured values
  • Python scripting for the setup of automated tests
    • Python is a widely used programming language
    • Using this interface both test setup and post-processing of measured data can be easily integrated in the testing process
  • OPC UA server for high-level integration
  • EtherCAT fieldbus for low-level integration

reliable & customizable

We offer customers from both academia and industry a wide portfolio of test stations for PEM fuel cells and electrolysers and SOFC/SOE. Standard configurations cover power ranges from 100 W to 20 kW and we offer a variety of customization options based on the requests of our customers.

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