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Fuel Cell Test Station PTS-10

Key features

  • Suitable for low-temperature PEM fuel cells
  • Convenient testing of short stacks or large-area single cells
  • Automatic control of flow rate, humidity, temperature and back pressure individually for anode and cathode lines
  • Variety of electronic loads and potentiostats available
  • Cell/stack temperature control with liquid cooling circuit
  • Robust system based on industrial PLC with data logging into SQL database
  • Safety features for fully automated operation
  • CE certificate of conformity


Ideally suited for research and development of large-area single cells or verification of stack design on short-stack level. Well-defined and repeatable conditions of Leancat PTS-10 enable benchmarking of fuel cells also thanks to extensive scripting possibilities.


Power range:

100 W – 1 kW

Fuel flow-rate range:

0.5 – 25 slpm

Dew-point temperature range:

up to 90 °C

Liquid cooling
of cell/stack:

up to 95 °C

Cell Voltage Monitoring:

Customizable number of channels

Max. current:

1200 A

Oxidant flow-rate range:

1.8 – 90 slpm

Gas pre-heating temperature range:

up to 120 °C

Back-pressure control rang:

up to 3 bar(g)


Zero-voltage load, potentiostat with EIS, cell/stack pre-heating