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Fuel Cell Test Station PBT

Key features

  • Fuel cell test station suitable for low-temperature PEM fuel cells.
  • Available configurations for testing single cells with active area up to 25 cm² or 50 cm²
  • Automatic back-pressure control individually for anode and cathode
  • Safety features for fully automated operation
  • Convenient testing of small to medium area single cells
  • CE certificate of conformity


Single-cell testing is a great tool for the research and development of materials for fuel cells. Well-defined and repeatable conditions of Leancat PBT enable benchmarking of fuel cells also thanks to extensive scripting possibilities.


Power range:

0 – 100 W

Fuel flow-rate range:

0.04 – 2 slpm

Dew-point temperature range:

up to 90 °C


Potentiostat with EIS
(5 V | up to 100 A)

Max. voltage and current:

60 V | 60 A or 120 A

Oxidant flow-rate range:

0.1 – 5 slpm

Gas pre-heating temperature range:

up to 120 °C

Back-pressure control rang:

up to 3 bar(g)