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Water Electrolyzer Science Kit LCWE-kit

Key features

  • Educational kit for PEM water electrolysis
  • PEM water electrolysis stack with transparent end plate
  • Water box with DI water container and water separator
  • Water pump for water recirculation
  • Control module with touch screen
  • DC power supply


Green hydrogen is the key enabler for the energy transition. But how is it made, anyway? Investigate water electrolysis with Leancat hands-on science kit. This electrolyser uses the same industrial design and components as our full-featured electrolysers. As such, it can be used for realistic measurements.


Electrolyser technology:

Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)

Active area:

25 cm2

Max. current:

25 A

User interface:

Touch screen

DC power supply:

controlled output

Maximum operating temperature:

70 °C

Power input:

230 V(AC)