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Where hydrogen
meets innovation

Our Mission

At LEANCAT, we design and manufacture advanced test systems for the development of hydrogen technologies. Our systems support researchers globally in innovating and advancing the clean energy sector. We offer a wide range of test stations for electrolyzers and fuel cells, with customizable options to meet our customers’ needs.

Our products

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Leancat Electrolyzers

As LEANCAT grows and its product portfolio evolves, we have reached an important milestone. To better serve our customers and advance our innovations, we have decided to operate as two distinct entities. LEANCAT will continue to provide cutting-edge test stations for fuel cells and electrolyzers for research applications, while the newly formed Leancat Electrolyzers will focus on innovative products for hydrogen production for industrial applications. For inquiries and technical support related to Water Electrolyzers, Hydrogen Generators, and Testing Hardware, please visit the Leancat Electrolyzers webpage.

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Czech Republic

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