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We make hydrogen
technology reality

Hydrogen as Enabler
for Clean Energy

Hydrogen is set to play a major role in the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.
We make products that help to use the potential of hydrogen in a variety of applications.

Testing equipment

We design and make equipment
for clean energy technology.

Clean Energy

We make devices for green hydrogen:
production and utilization.

Molecular hydrogen

We make generators of hydrogent
for medicinal application.

Testing equipment

We design and make equipment for the development of hydrogen technology. We offer a wide portfolio of test stations for PEM and high-temperature cells. Standard configurations cover power ranges from 100 W to 20 kW and we offer a variety of customization options based on the requests of our customers.

Water Electrolysers

We make devices for the production of green hydrogen and offer solutions ranging from electrolyser stacks to fully integrated modules tailored to the needs of each specific application.

Our products

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