Water Electrolysis Stack (PEM) LCWE-HEX-25-30

Key features

  • Advanced PEM water electrolysis stack
  • Produces hydrogen at high pressure (cathode)
  • Low-pressure oxygen outlet (anode)
  • Designed for integration in H2 systems
  • Power range up to 5 kW
  • Integrated heat exchanger for stack cooling (optional)


With its high power density, efficiency and reliability, LCWE-25 is perfectly suited for OEMs and integrators aiming at developing their own solution for the production of green hydrogen.


Power range:

1 – 5 kW

Active area:

25 cm2

Operating pressure H2:

0 – 25 barg

Operating temperature:

30 – 70 °C

Max. current:

60 A

Hydrogen production:

Up to 1125 NL/h

Operating pressure O2: