Details of automatization and control SW

The station is equipped with a Control Unit that contains all the necessary electronics. It includes power supplies, an industrial fan-less PC, I/O modules and terminal blocks for connecting peripherals (valves, heating elements, thermocouples, flow-controllers, gauges, ...), circuit-breakers and safety elements, etc. and it is controlled by our PLC solution using integrated industrial computer. The integrated computer runs the operating system MS Windows (Windows 7 32-bit or Windows 10 64-bit) and controls the automation and measurement equipment (potentiostat) using our software package.

There are two options how to control station.

  • Using PTC/IP server connection which is suitable for development and integration to customer's SW solution and for bridge through different platforms.

  • Use our SW solution with user friendly interface (GUI) including data acquiring and basic data analyses which is usually runs in integrated industrial computer but optionally could run elsewhere on MS Windows.

The provided GUI software is capable of controlling the station automatically in various measurement modes and configurations and proceeds with potentiostat acquisition by many electrochemical methods including CV (Cyclic Voltammetry) and EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy). Screenshots showing software, CV and EIS features are attached below and in galery belllow.

The automation behavior is defined by scripts and ini files in simple text format, so it can be altered by an advanced and informed user easily.

Remote control and monitoring is possible by simple proprietary text-oriented TCP/IP protocol. This allows for platform independent solution required by customer. This protocol can setup modes, start acquisitions, monitor all states and also control each peripheral device separately. Acquired large-volume data can be transferred by another TCP/IP connection or by standard file-sharing protocols. Alternatively, for both remote control and data transfer, REST/JSON protocol can be implemented.