FC Power Unit (24V - 2.5kW)

LEANCAT Hydrogen PEM FC-PU 2.5 kW unit is designed as a battery charger for energy storage applications. Heat and power (H&P) cogeneration optimizes fuel consumption by increasing system efficiency.

LEANCAT cooperated with Charles University to design a compact  unit with good performance, safety functions and competitive price.


  • Backup power

  • Off grid power generator

  • Material handling equipment

  • Residential energy storage combined with H&P cogeneration


  • 2.5 kW proton exchange membrane  fuel cell stack

    • 40 cells, 150 cm2

    • Water cooled

    • Self humidification

    • 100 A at 24 V

  • Hydrogen recirculating pump for efficient use of fuel

  • Air backpressure control

  • Hydrogen dead-end operation

  • Heat exchanger for cogeneration

  • Radiator/fan cooling in case of overheating

  • Industrial automation system

    • Fully automatic startup and shut-down

    • Intelligent control of dead-end anode operation

    • Integrated UPS for off grid startup

    • Pressure, water, output current, conductivity, and temperature sensors

    • LAN remote service control

    • DC/DC convertor control

    • Automatic connection to the battery unit