Molecular Hydrogen

Hydrogen in Health Applications

Molecular hydrogen has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiapoptotic effects. Moreover, it can suppress dangerous cytokine storms and prevent lung damage caused by virus infections.

PEM technology

Well-established technology that ensures reliable and flexible operation with long durability


Produces hydrogen for inhalation and saturates water or therapeutic solutions with hydrogen

Safe operation certified

Safety features prevent overpressure and blockage of the outlet

Different role for hydrogen

Hydrogen is not only an energy carrier with prospects to be the key solution in energy transition. Because of its therapeutic effects, it has a promising role to play in health and medicine applications. We utilized our technology of PEM electrolysers and developed hydrogen generators specifically designed for this purpose.

Hydrogen Generator

Based on Leancat’s PEM water electrolyser technology, designed to be reliable and easy to use, that’s the new generation of hydrogen generators for medical and healthcare applications. Our generators produce water enriched with hydrogen and gaseous hydrogen for inhalation at the same time. All that with integrated safety features in a compact device.