Hydrogen Generator LCHG-03-DUO

Key features

  • Water electrolyser for the inhalation of H2 and saturation water or therapeutic solutions with hydrogen
  • Hydrogen production output to nasal glasses or cannula
  • Closed glass bottle made of borosilicate glass for the saturation of drinking water with hydrogen
  • Integrated timer and water-level monitoring in the tank
  • Safety features prevent overpressure and blockage of the outlet
  • Visual indicator of required maintenance
  • Easy draining of water from the tank


Molecular hydrogen has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiapoptotic effects. Moreover, it can suppress dangerous cytokine storms and prevent lung damage caused by virus infections.


PEMWE technology:

Nafion, Pt, IrRu, Ti

Glass bottle volume:

500 ml

Hydrogen content
in water:

1350 ppb – 1450 ppb
after 2 minutes


435 mm x 150 mm

Distilled water tank capacity:

1 l

Hydrogen production:

300 ml / min

Diffuser for hydrogenation:

Stainless steel,
7-10 micrometer pores


4 kg