Fuel Cell Poisoning Module FCPM

Key features

  • Designed for the testing of catalyst poisoning in PEM fuel cells
  • Enables reproducible and accurate investigations from very low concentration of contaminants
  • Connects to existing testing equipment
  • Configurations with multiple gas contaminant streams or a liquid contaminant stream


The effect of contaminants on the performance of fuel cells is an important aspect for real-life operation of fuel cells. Leancat contamination module makes use of our advanced mixing technology and it is capable of achieving concentrations down to 1 ppm for flow rates 100 Nml/min and higher. The module can be connected to and controlled by Leancat test bench automation system or customer’s own existing test bench via an OPC UA server.


Contaminant concentration:

1 ppm – 10 ppt

Minimum flow rate of
carrier gas:

100 Nml/min

Liquid contaminant stream:


Temperature range:

10 – 95 °C

Number of gas contaminant streams:

1 – 3