Základní parametry

The Fuel Cell Testing Station operates with up to 100 W power range. The highly versatile system is suitable for research and development covering the broad Feld of fundamental and applied research of MEAs, GDLs, bipolar plates and catalysts. Moreover, an integrated pressure air output makes it possible to connect a pressure operated cell for gaskets evaluation. Four gas lines have electronic flow controllers and back pressure valves controlled by the station operation software permitting maximum control performance. System operation is fully automated and programmable using an integrated computer; however, it still makes it possible to change testing parameters in a step by step mode through a keyboard and/or a touch screen. The station makes it possible to perform durability tests where reliable data collection is necessary.

The advanced humidification system is equipped with automated water reservoir filling. The multi-range potentiostat has embedded cyclic voltammetry and an impedance analyzer as a basic configuration. The system is fully automated for safe, reliable and unattended operation in hydrogen safe area. The integrated computer is of an industrial standard for safe operation in hazardous environment. The remote control of all main station systems and solenoid valves makes the system suitable for multi- purpose operation in a closed area, e.g. in synchrotron hutches. It is even possible to interchange the anode and cathode without disconnecting the tested cell due to intermediate cell purging by nitrogen under the control of the automated safety process.

However, if the customer doesn't want this option, this feature can be mechanically disabled. For reinforced safety operation, a connection to the hydrogen sensor in the lab for security shut down is possible, in such a case the customer should supply the interface technical data necessary for connection. Installation of an internal hydrogen sensor inside the station rack is possible, too. The station is equipped with a computer controlled precision pump for direct methanol fuel cell operation. An additional heating system with temperature control of up to 1000 C is preinstalled for a possible SOFC testing. Methane line in addition to hydrogen line can be optional installed and remote switching between hydrogen and methane could be available free of charge.

The station is provided in two versions: Model 2110 mm containing integrated fuel cell working place and touch screen monitor and model 1500 mm, see figure in Description of modules and customization.