Example specification - 100W 

Specification gas supply Value Accuracy/note
Gas flow - anode 0-1NL/min ±(0.8% of Reading + 0.2% of Full Scale)
Gas flow - cathode 0-2.5NL/min ±(0.8% of Reading + 0.2% of Full Scale)
Gas flow - nitrogen 0-0,5NL/min ±(0.8% of Reading + 0.2% of Full Scale)
Gas flow - CO or other 0-0,1NL/min ±(0.8% of Reading + 0.2% of Full Scale)
Operating gas preassure 1.1-3.5 BarA ± 50 mBar
Min. temperature of gasses 10 °C ± 1°C
Min. dew point RT ± 1° stationary conditions
Max. dew point 95 °C ± 1° stationary conditions
Operation without humidification yes manual dry gas bypass
Temperature for humidification RT-95 °C
Cell connectivity
Heaters 2x 230V/10A ±10%; 50-60Hz
Thermocouples 2x TC of any standard (J,K,T,..)
Gas pressure usable for a piston compressed cell 16* BarA ±50 mbar, *depends on supplying compressed air
Gas heating pipelines yes Heated inlet of gases to the cell
Electrode setups 2‑, 3‑, 4- and 5‑electrode setups Using a Working, Working Sense, Counter, Counter Sense, and Reference lead
Other values recorded on cell 2xTemperature, Piston pressure, Anode and cathode intlet pressure, Anode and cathode dew point if available
Interfacing OPTIONAL SOFC cell yes
Potentiostat characterization
Selectable feedback yes Working, Working Sense, Reference lead and Current
Standard working modes Const. Voltage; Const. Current Or other using formula: Const. Power, Const. Resistance
Advanced working modes Cyclic Voltammetry, Linear sweep Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Current ranges ±20 A ±2 A ±200 mA ±20 mA ± 0.1 % of range ± 0.2 % of value ± 0.1 % of range ± 0.2 % of value ± 0.1 % of range ± 0.2 % of value ± 0.1 % of range ± 0.2 % of value
Voltage range ±5 V ± 0.05 % of range ± 0.2 % of value
Useable maximum power 100 W 4-quadrant potentiostat up to ±20 A at a voltage range of ±5 V
Impedance spectroscopy
Frequency range 10 μHz - 1 MHz
Voltage AC Amlplitude Max 400 mV
Current AC Amplitude Max 4 A
PC control
Integrated computer yes OS Windows 7/10
Monitor yes touch screen
Remote control yes Remote Desktop or TCP/IP server
Software with graphic interface yes Software with graphic interface
TCP/IP server yes Ready to be controlled by another software solution independent of platform
Connectivity to lab security system yes Connection
to the hydrogen sensor in the lab for security shut down or internal
hydrogen sensor in the testing rack is possible, customer should supply
interface technical data necessary for connection.
Security shut down with hydrogen/nitrogen purging yes Automatically activated in case of safety event/ power loss
Manual shut down switch yes
Exhaust system yes Closed gas outlet, can be connected to lab gas exhaust system
Station supply and exhaust
Working gases H2 N2 O2 and/or AIR Additive
e.g. for CO for poisoning test optional
Technical inlets Compressed air (6 Bar) Deionized water for backpressure valve control barrel installed in the station
Methanol experiment option Methanol solution from external flask
Gas outlets Exhaust of H2 containing additive gas if in use
Power input 230VAC/16A 50-60Hz ±10%
Size Standard 33U rack Standard 45U rack 600x600x1500 mm 600x600x2110 mm
Weight 110 kg