About us

We started with development of a "lean catalyst" (low platinum) and continue with R&D of new types of PEM fuel cells for different applications. As we could not find affordable and fully customizable testing stations to suit our needs, we started to develop our own sofisticated stations and later offered them to others.

We are a small innovative company, founded thanks to a close cooperation between the Department of Surface and Plasma Physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, and a Czech technology group JABLOTRON. We have a team of enthusiastic and dedicated young researchers and technicians who are trying to transform theoretical knowledge from the field of hydrogen technology into meaningful products.

We love hydrogen - we try to absorb all interesting from the field and move the fuel cells and their applications forward.

We are your choice in hydrogen technology.

prof. Vladimír Matolín

CEO and Co-owner, Leancat