Leancat hosted a technical excursion from the international Hydrogen Days conference in Prague - 30 visitors could see the advances we have made since the last year excursion: the hydrogen forklift, new models of our H2Powerbox and testing stations, as well as the new Air-pressed Test Cell. It was a nice, busy morning in our labs, followed by...

With our partner company Belet a.s. we exhibited H2ForkLift at LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany. The concept of the new hydrogen-powered forklift attracted a lot of attention and we are looking forward to cooperation with first customers.

After a few successful deliveries in Europe we have installed two new testing stations (2.5 and 6 kW) in prestigious universities and institutes in China and India. These new markets bring many opportunities and we are glad more orders are coming from Asia.

Under the umbrella of the unique battery maker HE3DA Technologies, and as a part of their complex H2-powered battery charger, Leancat exhibited its new H2PowerBox - the multipurpose PEM fuell cell power (and heat) generator for residental and off grid applications.