Under the Hood
of Hydrogen Technology

As hydrogen-based technology becomes more common, it’s important for engineers and specialists in various fields to understand how the technology works. Driven by a strong belief in the importance of education, we created science kits showcasing the technology of PEM water electrolysers and fuel cells. We did our best to make these devices as transparent and easy-to-use as possible. Now it is up to you or your students to try them for yourselves with hands-on experience.

Fuel Cell Science Kit LCFC-kit

You will need pressurized hydrogen to use this kit. But that’s pretty much it. We present a science kit featuring an open-cathode fuel cell stack. A ventilator, control module and even electronic load are all included. Sure, it would be more appealing to use it for powering e.g. a light bulb, but we wanted to get more serious with this. With industrial-grade components, this device can be used for realistic measurements.

Water Electrolyser Science Kit LCWE-kit

Generation of green hydrogen in vivo. That’s Leancat’s science kit for water electrolysis. It uses the same industrial design and components as our full-featured electrolysers, but it is specifically designed for education purposes. With continuous regulation of power and transparent end plate, it is possible to directly observe gas generation and characterize the behavior of the system.