We make devices for the production and utilization of green hydrogen.

Hydrogen technology is complex. The complete cycle of storing electrical energy using hydrogen takes several non-trivial technological steps. We focus on the crucial steps of electrochemical conversion between electrical and chemical energy and we offer a portfolio of electrolysers and fuel cells based on PEM technology.

PEM Electrolyser Stacks
From 1 To 3 kW

Water Electrolysis Modules
Up to 30 kW

Open-cathode PEM Fuel Cell Stacks
From 1 To 5 kW

Power Generators (fuel cell modules)
Up to 10 kW

Operating on a wide range of scales

It takes a lot of competence to build a fuel cell power generator or electrolyser module. From the chemistry of electrocatalysts and transport phenomena in nano pores, through mechanical design of cells and stacks, to process and electrical integration on the system level. We strive to offer high-tech and reliable products that can be directly deployed in various applications.