About us

LEANCAT is an innovative technology company arisen from close cooperation between Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and the privately owned technology group JABLOTRON.

LEANCAT draws on the long-term experience of Prof. V.Matolin and his skilled team at Charles University who have discovered and developed a completely new type of catalyst and a method of application. Over more than the 8 years the team has been working on this discovery and achieved an already significant reduction of Pt on electrodes while the power density as well as the durability remains stable and appropriate.

The LEANCAT team has also developed tailored, cutting edge and fully flexible Fuel Cell Testing Stations that are designed to simulate real-life conditions and are therefore suitable for academic research as well as for industrial purposes. In general the LEAN CAT FUEL CELL TESTING STATION has overcome most of the weaknesses and disadvantages of the competing products of large series producers and offers a high level of customization, professional service and after-sales support (i.e. installation, parameterization, development of tailored connectors to customers` proprietary software and protocols).

In the JABLOTRON GROUP, LEANCAT has gained an investor experienced in more than 25 years of highly innovative technology product development, having a turnover of over EUR 100 million. JABLOTRON also exports to more than 80 countries worldwide and as such is a guarantee that LEANCAT will have global support and a professional backup team all over the world.